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Baroque city

Ragusa Ibla

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Ragusa Ibla (old quarter) is located in the eastern part of the city, on a hill that goes from 385 to 440 m s.l.m.

After the earthquake of 1693, the neighborhood was rebuilt in late Baroque style. At the beginning of a long staircase, you will find the baroque church of Sante Anime in Purgatory. Instead, the Cathedral of St. George was built between 1744 and 1775, according to plans of the famous architect Rosario Gagliardi.

The district contains over fifty churches and numerous palaces in the Baroque style. In the eastern part, it lies the Ibleo Garden and also included the excavation of the ancient city, the famous Hybla.


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The city is divided into two sections, Modica High, situated on a hill on a steep slope, with streets and buildings arranged in tiers ( very picturesque is the Saint Lucia district ), and Modica Low.

In Modica High, the Cathedral of St. George is the architectural jewel of the town. A Modica Low there are the churches of Madonna del Carmine and Santa Maria di Betlem and other.

Numerous convents were converted into civil buildings : St. Martino is now the hospital in Modica , the Dominicans houses the Town Hall and that of Mercedari Fathers is placed at the Museo Civico.


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Some scholars believe the name refers to the term Sicilians. The country was identified by the name of Scicla. It is believed to have suffered Arab influences , especially from the phonetic point of view. Scicli is a center of the Baroque Ibleo of the Val di Noto, among its main monuments include: Beneventano Palace , is the most famous noble building of Scicli , for its uniqueness is called a masterpiece. Characteristic masks "irreverent" adorn the two monumental tables, linked by a spectacular canton . On top , it is decorated with two crowned heads of ‘mori’, one of the city's landmarks.